Shop the Look: Get Gigi Hadid’s Miu Miu Top Handle Bag & Channel Your Inner Supermodel

Gigi hadid miu miu gigi hadid street style
Gigi hadid carrying miu miu top handle bag

Gigi Hadid always slays the red carpet, and her recent appearance at the Golden Globes after-party was no exception. The supermodel looked stunning in a sleek black outfit and hoop earrings, but it was her Miu Miu top handle bag that truly stole the show.

This miu miu bag is crafted from luxurious Arcadie leather and features a unique light padding that gives it a voluminous, cosmopolitan look.

Jewelry with Meaning:

Gigi hadid carrying miu miu top handle bag and big hoop earrings - spring earrings
Gigi hadid carrying miu miu top handle bag and big hoop earrings – spring earrings

Hadid’s look began with a touch of sentimentality. She sported a delicate Luv AJ the Nameplate Necklace, featuring the name of her daughter Khai in dainty letters. This personalized piece added a heartwarming element to her glamorous ensemble, reminding everyone of her role as a mother. (Image of Gigi Hadid wearing Luv AJ the Nameplate Necklace)

Gigi hadid bags
Gigi hadid at golden globes after dinner party los angeles

Diamonds Hoops:

Adding a touch of sparkle, Hadid adorned her ears with Jacquie Aiche Hoops. These elegant hoops, featuring shimmering diamonds, exuded sophistication and complemented her overall look perfectly.

Boots that Make a Statement:

Stepping into the spotlight, Hadid rocked a pair of Toteme Slim Mixed Leather Knee Boots. These sleek boots, blending black and beige, elevated her outfit with their modern silhouette and edgy charm. The mixed leather detail added a touch of texture and visual interest, making them a standout piece.

The Bag that Stole the Show:

But it was Miu Miu’s Arcadie Leather Bag that truly stole the show. This statement piece, as you mentioned earlier, boasts a voluminous shape, metallic accents, and the iconic Miu Miu logo. The bag embodies the concept of fashion as a reaction to current events, making it a conversation starter and a true trendsetter.

A Playful Touch:

Balancing the elegance with a touch of whimsy, Hadid added a String Ting Night Garden Wristlet Phone Strap. This playful accessory, featuring a floral motif and colorful beads, injected a dose of personality and practicality. It’s a perfect example of how small details can elevate an outfit and add a unique touch.

Remember, to rock it with confidence and let your inner supermodel shine!

Where to find the Arcadie Miu Miu Top Handle bag?

The Arcadia Miu Miu Top Handle Bag is available for purchase Farfetch.

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