Christian Dior Spring Summer 2024 —Looks dare all the opposites: elegance, purity and tears.

Christian Dior Spring Summer 2024 collection marries heritage with innovation, featuring the timeless pearls.

In Christian Dior spring 2024 collection, Maria Grazia Chiuri, the Creative Director of Dior’s women’s lines, envisioned the Dior spring summer 2024 by contemplating the significance of the present—a moment where the past and future must exist in harmony.

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Jisoo in dior dress from christian dior spring summer 2024 collection
Jisoo in dior dress from christian dior spring summer 2024 collection

In this convergence, open to numerous interpretations, she persists in examining the intricate relationship between femininity and feminism.

Driven by the belief that fashion bears an even greater responsibility today to empower women, allowing them to recognize their value and articulate their uniqueness, she remains intrigued by the stories of rebels who have boldly asserted their independence in a predominantly masculine world, challenging its established systems.

Among these are witches, keepers of the wisdom of the mother-goddess, transmitting the knowledge of plants and honoring the rhythms of nature. Maria Grazia Chiuri’s designs for Dior unveil a medieval aesthetic, featuring an architectural silhouette with masculine-inspired jackets.

Specific fabrics serve as testaments to materiality, holding memories of time and a profound understanding of the artistic work of Alberto Burri. Tears, lacerations, and combustions transform into integral, performative elements within the garments.

The color palette encompasses ash, chamomile, and the hues of love potions. The iconic Mille-fleurs of Dior undergoes a metamorphosis, evolving into a dark motif—an intricate floral X-ray offering striking contrast. The design incorporates phases of the moon, suns heralding the seasons, medicinal herbs, and mythical creatures, all intricately woven into this iconic pattern, occasionally manifesting in the embroidery as well.

Elsa hosk in dior toujours bag black from dior spring summer 2024 collection
Elsa hosk in dior toujours bag black from dior spring summer 2024 collection

Knitwear plays a significant role, embracing and delicately tracing the contours of the body. It provides warmth and exudes a sensual allure, enveloping without constraint. A notably lightweight, metallic sweater subtly suggests the texture of chainmail, adding a touch of allure and sophistication.

The expansive and immersive art installation, “NOT HER,” created by Elena Bellantoni, continues to challenge the confinement of women within stereotypical categories. The video installation, which covers all the walls of the exhibition’s scenography, employs an analog split-flap device.

Viewers are presented with a sequence of reimagined female figures, including the artist herself, in a pop-inspired manner. Elena Bellantoni uses imagery from sexist advertisements and counterpoint phrases to challenge the prevailing stereotype, proclaiming, “it’s not her, she’s no longer all that.” This powerful piece perpetuates a refusal of clichés, offering a bold commentary on the limitations imposed on women by societal expectations.

Chiara ferragni in dior miss lady dior bag black at dior spring summer 2024 collection
Chiara ferragni in dior miss lady dior bag at dior spring summer 2024 show

Christian Dior Spring Summer 2024 collection reinstates the notion that the relationship between the body and clothing is contextualized within the present era, rather than being confined to the fleeting moment of a single day or steeped in nostalgia.

“NOT HER” stands as Elena Bellantoni’s latest project, specially crafted for the Dior spring 2024 ready-to-wear show. This monumental video installation, boasting LED screens that reach nearly 7 meters in height, is composed of a series of digital photographic collages.

Derived from archives meticulously collected by the Italian artist since 2015, this distinctive artwork serves as an impassioned pop manifesto, featuring over 300 images of sexist advertising. The piece captures Bellantoni’s engagement in challenging and reinterpreting societal norms through her artistic lens.

Extensive research underpins this exclusive project, in which Elena Bellantoni immersed herself in the role of a “sexist advertiser.” She meticulously crafted 24 new ads, meticulously retracing the aesthetics and representations from the 1940s to the present day.

These innovative campaigns, purposefully conceived for her artistic endeavor, feature a combination of photographs and slogans, each with its unique phrase serving as a linguistic response to the accompanying images.

The artist herself embodies the protagonists of these advertisements, meticulously creating sets for each shot and fully immersing herself in the scenarios and diverse representations of women, subjects at the heart of the advertising discourse.

From a visual standpoint, the artist has opted for the use of split-flap grids—an analog device seamlessly adapted to the digital language. In this setup, images are composed and repeated in sync with the rhythmic movement of the mechanism.

The split-flaps emit audible noise, punctuating the succession of characters and subtly underscoring the prevailing state of affairs: the objectification of the female body and its exploitation as an object of desire and the male gaze.

This deliberately pop visual universe is populated by small, animated objects that move like dynamic motifs within a collage. They take on an ironic and grotesque quality, floating in space and integrating themselves into the core of the scenes.

It’s a two-dimensional world, with details generated by artificial intelligence—a fictional universe meticulously constructed and studied to perfection, much like the world of advertising. “YOU MAY THINK THIS IS NOT TRUE, IT’S JUST REAL.”

The installation is meticulously designed for maximum immersion, leveraging the sequence of images and text in the video animation to vividly convey the relentless media bombardment we constantly endure.

This onslaught has shaped a clichéd and sexist imaginary, starting from the 1940s onwards. The two primary colors of the installation, yellow and fuchsia, akin to highlighters, serve to accentuate the juxtaposition of bodies and language.

Dior spring summer 2024
Dilraba at dior spring summer 2024 show

“NOT HER” serves as the resounding response, the message accompanying all the images. In response to every sexist slogan, the visual model’s urgent and repetitive retort is always “NOT HER.” “NOT HER” isn’t just a response; it is an image in itself, a counter to the stereotype because it’s not HER.

Contrasts take center stage as Dior Spring summer 2024 ready-to-wear collection plays with an array of white and black shades, ranging from the brightest to the darkest. The looks boldly embrace opposites, seamlessly intertwining elegance, purity, and a touch of vulnerability represented by tears.

Fabric, often hailed as “the sole vehicle of our dreams” by the founding couturier, transforms into a magical tool that masterfully blends destruction and reinvention. Jackets, skirts, and pants exhibit delicate fraying, while knits are artistically unraveled, adding a graphic dimension to dior spring 2024 collection.

Hypnotic prints, featuring the Eiffel Tower, the iconic Plan de Paris, and a reimagined herbarium, exude an air of mystery enhanced by radiographic printing and dye effects.

The Abandon silhouette, originally conceived for the autumn-winter 1948 haute couture line, undergoes a metamorphosis with shirts worn asymmetrically.

Architectural cuts refuse to be static, instead, they poetically dance on the increasingly liberated body. Fringes and pleats serve as voluptuous embellishments, contributing to a slightly rebellious, yet powerfully feminine and irresistibly Dior allure.

Reflecting the enigmatic ambiance enveloping the Dior spring summer 2024 collection, the jewelry elevating Maria Grazia Chiuri’s envisioned looks is adorned with zodiac signs—an homage to Christian Dior’s enduring fascination with astrology.

Alexandra daddario in dior spring summer 2024
Alexandra daddario in dior spring summer 2024 bag

The graceful silhouettes find emphasis through pointed ballerinas or low-heeled pumps, alternately embellished with mother-of-pearl or multi-straps that elegantly enfold from the ankle to the knee.

Inspired by the world of dance, which was another passion of the founding couturier, the grosgrain ribbon adorning select models brings to mind the creations designed by Roger Vivier for Dior in the 1950s.

Lace-up boots paired with ethereal skirts in delicate fishnet or featuring virtuoso pleating embody the concept of a diverse femininity—simultaneously sensitive, powerful, and combative. As a delightful surprise, the ensembles are punctuated with long gloves, showcasing the craftsmanship of Agnelle glove-making and finished with details inspired by the iconic Dior Tribales.

Our Verdict on Dior Spring Summer 2024 Collection

Balancing heritage and innovation, the Dior ateliers stretch the limits of what is achievable in the Dior spring summer 2024 collection, crafting enchanting and unprecedented pieces. Notably, the iconic Dior Toujours bag and Dior Miss Lady Dior Bag continues to reign supreme this year.

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